OKE DAIKO/OKEDO (TUB DRUM) Ranging in lengths, and usually played horizontally, these drums are carved by multiple pieces of wood. There are large bodies and short bodies. Smaller okedo can be played flat, as well as with a strap over the shoulder, as seen in festivals.

BIG And small

o daiko

O DAIKO (“Big, fat drum”) Long bodied style (nagado) drum, but it can also refer any large drum, is made from a single tree trunk. The trees that they come from can be hundreds to thousands of years old. Some o daiko are so large, that they have a set place in in a temple or shrine, […]

O Daiko (big, fat drum)


Long body style, but can refer to any large drum of any style. Made from a single tree trunk, the trees from which they come from can be 100’s to 1,000’s of years old. Some o daikos being so large that they have a set place in a temple or shrine, rarely being moved. (can […]


Hey! Making a few changes here. Always talking about it, but finally doing it. Going to do a bit more writing with the most of the posts from here on in. And going back to some of the (more recent) older posts as well. Finally turning this site into what I’d wanted it to be…. […]




Posts for July are going to be up after Mitsuwa Summer Festival this Saturday in New Jersey (595 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020). Working on a few projects now, and attempting to set up some new ones. Most of the posts from now on are going to be more detailed as well.

Morning Walk to Down To Earth Farmers Market


Went to pick up some vegetables at Down To Earth Farmers Market (located at 23rd street, NYC, just off the corner of 9th avenue). Everything is locally grown, hand made, raised and caught. Fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, breads, meats and fish. Pick up your own pot of vegetables to grow at home, or flowers […]

Japan Nite at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn NY


Ran over to Japan Nite last month at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn last month (361 Metropolitan Ave.) Got to see a lot of talented musicians that night. Jungles (from Red Bacteria Vaccum), 2 piece rock band Zarigani$, Rockers HAPPY, Japanese idol group Starmarie, and Vampillia (alternative).


Getting ready to make some changes to the site. Some of the images from the previous year will be back up in a 2013, 2014 folder. Ready for the exhibit reception at Manhattan Borough Presidents Office Tuesday!

Two more weeks!

It’s that time for another Pictorial Photographers of America exhibit at the Manhattan Borough Presidents Office, 1 Centre Street, 19th floor south, again. (pretty much, seven years ago) All April. Out of five of the photographs, got to use three perfomance photos this time. Uzuhi, Gelatine, and Meri Ko. Photo ID is required, and with […]